Ashley and Tyler were married in March at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado. I’m so excited to share this wedding. These two are just so much fun, and I could go on and on about how much I adore them forever. But I won’t. I’ll just give you the top 5 reasons I loved this day!

1. Ashley was the ultimate honey badger.

This funny thing happens sometimes to brides. They can be all calm, cool, and collected, right up until the day of their wedding. Then, it’s like they become someone else entirely. Not Ashley. I eventually started prefacing questions with, “Ashley, I know you don’t care, but….” It became the running joke of the day. Ashley did not care. She was marrying the love of her life, and she was surrounded by her treasured friends and family, and that was really all she cared about. I don’t think I caught her without a smile on her face the entire day, except for when she was wiping away sentimental tears.


2. Ashley’s GORGEOUS heirloom ring.

If you know me, you know details aren’t my thing. I’m not shy about this, and I’m becoming almost proud of it. BUT, when a detail is a sentimental piece, all bets are off, and this becomes a different matter entirely. Ashley’s ring was absolutely amazing (see images below). It caught all the light, and made me feel all the feels. The reason? It was made to showcase her grandmother’s center stones. Ashley also wore her grandmother’s pearls down the aisle.

3. Tyler’s just a big kid, trapped in a man’s body.

Tyler is quick with a laugh, and just a big goofball, overall. It’s easy to see why Ashley chose him… he has the ability to diffuse tense situations, and took my bossyness and sassyness all in stride. And he, without question, adores Ashley.

4. Blackstone Country Club is TO DIE FOR.

I hadn’t had the pleasure of making it to Blackstone prior to Ashley and Tyler’s wedding. I had seen pictures, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The place was incredible. Cara was so hospitable, and made sure we had everything we needed to do a great job for Ashley and Tyler. She was a great hostess, and not only took great care of all of the wedding guests, but of Mark and me, too. The course was beautiful, and the clubhouse itself was beautiful and unique. I would absolutely love to shoot there again.

Ashley and Tyler, thank you so much for having us! You guys are so great, and I’m really hoping to have an excuse to see you in 9 or so months. If not sooner! 😉

Venue: Blackstone Country Club
Flowers: Fresh Flower Market
DJ: FUNction Pro DJ

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