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Photo Booth

The Charm Booth is an open concept, self functioning booth available for Colorado weddings, corporate events, and private parties. The open concept allows for many people to be in one photo. The booth running itself allows your guests to be as silly as they want, without fear of performance anxiety in front of a photographer.

The booth prints in site, and has social functions for sharing immediately via social media and email. Fee includes a customized print template for your printed photos. When you rent the booth, you also get all digital copies of all photos from your event.

The Charm Booth is also available for rent to other industry professionals. When using the below contact form, select vendor to receive special pricing and priority availability.

Spice up your party with The Charm Booth!

Ready to book? Have questions? Fill out this form! 

Amanda Lamb Photography, 953 Fire Rock PL, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 - (719) 648-2152 - amanda@amandalambphoto.com